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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my University Account Number?

When setting up your User Profile and/or placing a Motor Pool reservation in Fleet Commander, a University Account Number is required. Your account number is the seven digit identifier (without dashes) you intend to use for billing Motor Pool reservations. This is NOT your student/employee identifier.  

If you do not know your University Account Number, please contact your manager or department fiscal officer. 

If your reservation is in conjunction with a Self-Governed Student Organization, then use the account number 0000003 for your default.

How many people will fit in the vehicle I'm renting?

With current COVID-19 conditions, driver and passenger loads are limited to the following: Compact Sedans,  four (4); Midsize Sedan,  four (4); Minivan,  six (6); Large SUV,  six (6); Cargo Van,  two (2); Pickup Truck,  two (2); and the Mini-Bus, seven (7). 

We need more than one vehicle for our trip. How do I indicate this on my reservation?

To request more than one vehicle for your trip, please enter a separate reservation for each vehicle required. For the number of passengers, note the anticipated amount in each vehicle and in the comments indicate that the vehicle is x of x # of vehicles.


Can I pick up a vehicle on the weekend (or when the Motor Pool is closed)?

Although the Motor Pool is closed on  Saturdays and Sundays (as well as official IU holidays), we are able to accommodate off-hour departures. We do so by HANDING OUT THE KEYS to your vehicle between the hours of 8:00 am and 3:30 pm on the LAST BUSINESS DAY before your scheduled departure. You would then RETURN to our facility ON THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION (while we are closed) to independently retrieve the vehicle. Please note: although you will have the keys in advance, your vehicle may not leave our facility prior to your reservation's pick-up date and time.

A reminder email regarding the key procedure is sent out each Thursday to those with weekend reservations.  

I'm running late to pick-up/drop-off my rental vehicle...what should I do?

Well, it depends on how late we're talking about. If it's 5 to 10 problem. Even 20 to 30 minutes (in most cases) will not impact others. But if your trip is scheduled to start or end during our hours of operation (Mondays-Fridays, 7am to 4pm) and your travel plans have changed by MORE THAN 30 MINUTES, please let us know by email at  or call 812-855-3300.

Keeping your reservation details current allows us to adjust our schedule and provide vehicles to requests that we would otherwise be unable to fill.

If you are 30 MINUTES or MORE PAST DUE your scheduled departure/return, a LATE REMINDER EMAIL will be sent. At this point your reservation may be assessed a late fee of $25 (RETURNS) or subject to cancellation with fee (DEPARTURES). 


Are there any special requirements to rent the 14-passenger Mini-Bus?

Our 14-passenger Mini-Bus may be operated without a chauffeur’s license or CDL.  We do, however, require that the driver be at least 21, an APPROVED UNIVERSITY DRIVER (i.e. cleared by the Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims), and an APPROVED UNIVERSITY EMPLOYEE (someone who works for the University an average of 20 hours a week).

Use of 14-passenger minibus is also contingent on your Approved Driver taking a one time, 45-minute (approx.) training/test drive overseen by Motor Pool personnel. Please contact our Garage Manager @ 812-855-3303 to schedule a time if you are in need of a test drive.


Can I use my Motor Pool vehicle for incidental personal use while I travel?

Motor Pool vehicles  are for OFFICIAL UNIVERSITY BUSINESS, but some incidental personal use is allowed.  When using an IU Vehicle, you must keep track of all personal miles in Chrome River (One.IU) on a monthly basis and are reported as taxable on a Form W-2

Please visit for information regarding both the Employee Personal Use of an IU Vehicle policy and  Tax Standard Operating Procedure (TSOP 3.07). Please direct all questions regarding these to

The Fleet Commander has marked me as License Suspended/License Not Validated/License Expired...but I know that's not true. What's should I do?

First of all, don't panic! Most likely you have a very new (or an extremely old) User-Profile. In both cases, Fleet Commander's default settings kick in with these ominous messages. As long as your basic license information is up-to-date with the IU Office of Insurance, Loss Control, and Claims (via the Motor Vehicle Record Check) everything is A-OKAY.  At the time of your departure,  Motor Pool  will both validate your license and record the accurate expiration date.

If however, you 
are flagged as License Suspended  and  a) you have driven a Motor Pool vehicle with in the last 12 months,  or  b) your User-Profile was created more that 24-hours ago CONTACT INLOCC ASAP at 812-855-9758 to resolve the issue.

What steps are taken to sanitize the rental cars ?

We vacuum and cleanse our vehicles between every rental. In addition, we adopted a Vehicle Sanitation Procedure to address current IU and health authority requirements. Particular attention is given to:

  • touch areas on doors (including  handles, locks, and window / mirror controls)
  • light control and heat / air controls
  • steering wheel
  • arm rest (if hard, non-porous surface)
  • shifter
  • turn signals
  • radio
  • touch screens
  • fuel door and trunk release levers
  • seat controls
  • seat belts (buckle & latch)
  • seats (vinyl interiors only)
  • keys and key packet



Can I get a receipt for my reservation?

Drivers and arrangers can print trip receipts from FleetCommander's WELCOME PAGE by clicking the MY SCHEDULE link on the left side menu.

Click DISPLAY ALL RESULTS and search the specific reservation from the  resulting list. Click on the RECEIPT ICON (next to the MAGNIFYING GLASS ICON) to open the receipt.

Please note that fuel usage for a rental may not fully post to the reservation until 5-7 business day after the end of the rental.





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