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Indiana University Fleet Services Rental Rates

(Driver + Passengers): Compact Sedan - 4; Mid-size Sedan - 5; Minivan - 7; Large SUV - 8; Cargo Van - 2; Pickup Truck - 3; Mini-Bus - 15. 


Daily Rate

Weekly Rate

Monthly Rate


$ 36.00

$ 252.00

$ 720.00


$ 36.00

$ 252.00

$ 720.00


$ 56.00

$ 392.00

$ 1,120.00

Large SUV

$ 62.00

$ 434.00

$ 1,300.00

Pickup Truck

$ 49.00

$ 315.00

$ 980.00


$ 125.00

$ 750.00

$ 2,500.00

Cargo Van

$ 56.00

$ 385.00

$ 1,120.00

Effective July 1, 2020


- Unlimited mileage, but rates DO NOT include fuel
- Vehicle Insurance is $4.65 a day
- Motor Pool vehicles are not charged sales tax


Billing Cycle: for billing purposes, our rental days begin and end at MIDNIGHT. This means reservations are calculated by the calendar day, not 24-hour periods. Any use of a vehicle on a calendar day will incur a full day's charge. Example: a reservation that starts at 3:00 PM on March 1st and returns the next day @ 12:00 NOON would be billed for TWO DAYS.

Important Notice Regarding OUTSOURCED VEHICLE ASSIGNMENTS - at times, demand for Motor Pool Vehicles exceed our Fleet's capacity. On such occasions, as a courtesy, we will secure a vehicle on your behalf from an OUTSIDE RENTAL AGENCY. Your reservation will still be processed, picked-up, returned, and billed as a Motor Pool rental. The costs, however, of these reservations are subject to higher rates - as set by the OUTSIDE RENTAL AGENCY.
OFFICE & GARAGE HOURS: - the Motor Pool Office and Garage are open from 7AM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. Vehicles may be released during any of these hours. However, for departures scheduled @ 4 PM, please arrive by 3:45 PM in order to assure dispatch of your vehicle. 


Can I pick up a vehicle on the weekend (or when the Motor Pool is closed)?  - although the Motor Pool is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, we are able to accommodate weekend/off-hour departures. We do so by HANDING OUT THE KEYS to your vehicle between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on the LAST BUSINESS DAY before your scheduled departure. You would then RETURN to our facility ON THE DAY OF YOUR RESERVATION (while we are closed) to independently retrieve the vehicle. Please note: although you will have the keys in advance, your vehicle may not leave our facility prior to your reservation's pick-up date and time.

A reminder email regarding the key procedure is sent out each Thursday to those with weekend reservations only.  






3000 E Discovery Parkway Bloomington, IN  47408
          Phone: (812) 855-3300