Vehicle Use


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WHO CAN USE MOTOR POOL VEHICLES: Motor Pool vehicles are available to faculty, staff, and students for use on official University travel billed to departmental or student organization accounts. All student drivers require additional departmental and /or Student Activities approval. All drivers must present a valid U.S. or Canadian driver's license in order to secure a vehicle from the Motor Pool.

RESERVATIONS: Daily rental reservations may be requested by completing the Motor Pool reservation request (click here to Make Reservation). In the event the Motor Pool does not have a vehicle available, arrangements will be made with a local rental agency.

LENGTH OF RESERVATION: Monthly assignment of daily rental units are available on a limited basis and for a maximum of six months. If you have a long-term need for a vehicle, please call the Motor Pool office and discuss the requirements for an addition to the fleet. Permanently assigned vehicles are available at lower monthly rates.

LATE RETURNS OR CANCELLATIONS: If a late return is anticipated, contact the Motor Pool dispatcher immediately (812-855-3300). Our vehicles are booked for other University travelers based on the return time specified. A late penalty of one additional day charge will be accessed if prior notice of a late return is not given. In most cases, cancellations must be made 24-hours before your scheduled travel to avoid a minimum charge.

For billing purposes, our rental days begin and end at MIDNIGHT, meaning reservations are calculated by the calendar day, NOT 24-hour periods. Any use of a vehicle on a calendar day will incur a full day's charge. Vehicle charges are computed from the time a vehicle is picked up to the time it is returned.

ACCIDENT LIABILITY: Departments are responsible for a deductible payment in the event of a chargeable loss due to damage resulting from the use of a vehicle. The Office of Insurance, Loss Control and Claims administers the insurance program. All accidents must be reported immediately or as soon as practical. Please refer to INLOCC's the website additional details about vehicle risk coverage.

SEAT BELT USE: Indiana University policy requires the use of passenger restraints in all vehicles in which they are provided. Vehicles are also equipped with passenger, driver, and side air bags, but these are NOT substitutes for lap and shoulder belts. Be SAFE, BUCKLE UP!

SMOKING IN VEHICLES: Drivers and passengers are prohibited from smoking in University vehicles. Violations may be subject to discipline and additional clean up charges by the Motor Pool.

ANIMALS IN VEHICLES: Domestic and non-domestic animals are NOT allowed in the vehicles with the exception of service animal. (Please indicate a special vehicle requirement when making the reservation, of the need to transport service animal.) Caged research animals may be transported in cargo vans only. Additional cleaning fees will be applied to vehicles transporting animal.

ROOF MOUNTED STORAGE BOXES - Roof mounted storage boxes can be used with Motor Pool Daily Rental vehicles in accordance with the following measures:

  • Roof mounted storage boxes must be solid case, molded plastic, lockable boxes and attached to roof racks on vehicles.  No boxes can be directly mounted to the metal portion of the roof of a vehicle.
  • Motor Pool staff must inspect the installation of the box on the vehicle before departure each time a box is used.  Upon return of the vehicle, Motor Pool staff will inspect the roof of the vehicle for damage due to usage of box.  Any damage to roof or rails of the vehicle will be the responsibility of the department using the vehicle.
  • Only persons trained in installation of the boxes will install them.
  • Roof boxes cannot be loaded to exceed the manufacturer's weight limits.
  • Roof boxes must be inspected by the driver periodically during a trip to ensure that it remains secured to the vehicle.

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